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Online Shopping For Our Honey Products

65YearsExcellence in Honey since 1959

We only offer Small Harvest RAW honeys that retain the natural healing properties of our bees’ hard work. Our region is home to the widest variety of flora in Australia – perfect for keeping our bees happy and your tastebuds tantalised with new varieties all year round! Our honey is personally selected for quality and taste, hand bottled and sold with a smile by our knowledgeable hosts. Visit us in-store or shop online with secure payments.

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Healthy Honey

Honey is the only natural food that has all the substances necessary to sustain life.

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Busy Bees

1kg of honey requires foraging visits to about 1 million blossoms.

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Queen Bee

A healthy Queen Bee may lay up to 2,000 eggs per day.

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Approximately 720 bees are required to produce a 300 gram jar of honey.

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