Beekeeping Courses are only available for private bookings. 

We no longer offer monthly scheduled courses.

Maximum 6 participants

 To be held at your apiary site

   Cost:   $100 per participant                    

 Bookings:  Trish – Honey House Kuranda  (Accredited and registered beekeeper)


P: 40937261       
M: 0459 225 352     


This is not an accredited course, however, information obtained by completing this course will enable a novice beekeeper to understand the processes of hive management to a primary stage.


Theory Topics:


  • Structure of a beehive
  • Structure of a colony
  • Life cycle of the Queen, Drones and workers
  • Communication within the colony
  • How & why bees make honey
  • How & why bees collect pollen, resins and water
  • How & why bees make wax
  • Pests and diseases
  • Hive management systems


Practical Topics:


  • Use of hive tools and equipment
  • Observations at hive entrance
  • Opening of a beehive – checking for
    • Colony strength
    • Disease and pests
    • Queen viability & brood patterns
    • Honey stores
    • Handling frames
    • Dealing with small hive beetle
  • Record keeping and planning