Fresh Honeycomb

Fresh honeycomb cut fresh from the hive is a true honey lover’s delight. Chew the comb and feel pure untouched honey trickle through your mouth and tantalise your tastebuds!

How To Eat Fresh Honeycomb

  • The easiest way is to simply cut or spoon off a piece and pop straight into your mouth. Chew and swallow or (if you do not want to swallow the wax) chew until all the honey has come out and spit out the remaining wax.
  • Delicious on crackers with a strong blue-veined cheese. Accompany this with slices of fruit such as pears or apples or (my favourite) kiwi fruit.
  • On hot buttered toast (the heat melts the wax slightly and makes it easier to swallow).
  • On hot buttered crumpets – the honey dribbles out into the holes.
  • Spread on bread with peanut paste. The sweet and salty combination is fantastic.
  • Serve on top of duck liver paté and garlic bread.
  • On scones with cream, or dip into melted milk chocolate, or, smash into vanilla or pistachio icecream.
  • In Turkey, a traditional breakfast is fresh bread, butter, feta cheese and honeycomb.

Health Benefits of Honeycomb

  • Most of the powerful enzymes from the bees are in the honeycomb.
  • The highest concentration of nutrition is in the honeycomb.
  • The honeycomb can be chewed and swallowed or chewed like gum until the nutrients have been absorbed.
  • Chewing honeycomb during allergy season will alleviate symptoms of hay fever and other allergies. The honeycomb should be taken daily starting a week or two before the flowering that causes the allergy has begun. Continue throughout the season to keep the problems away. A teaspoon size is sufficient.
  • It is a natural chewing gum – better than giving children commercial gum that has no nutritional value and high sugar content.

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