Medicinal Honey Products

Jellybush (Australian Manuka)

Active Jellybush (or Manuka) honey is the most well known medicinal grade honey across the world. Honey House Kuranda is proud to be the Queensland Distributor for the certified superior grade Jellybush honey. Active Jellybush Honey is: Antibiotic; Anti- inflammatory; Increases blood circulation; Draws exudate from the wound; Provides nutrients and oxygen; Stimulates tissue regrowth; Prevents ammonia production (therefore reducing wound odour); Analgesic; Stimulates the immune system. We’re pleased to provide additional information Active Jellybush (or Manuka) Honey on our site.

Propolis Products

Propolis raises the body’s natural resistance by stimulating the formation of antibodies and one’s own immune system. It also adds certain vitamins like B1, B, C, E and essential minerals including iron, manganese and silicon to the body. Propolis stimulates enzyme systems, cell metabolism, circulation, collagen formation and improves the healing of burn wounds. We’re pleased to provide additional information on Propolis Products on our site.

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly stimulates the function of the hormonal system and the immune system. It helps produce antibodies and collagen and increases blood flow to the body’s tissues. Buy our range of premium Royal Jelly capsules online, or in-store. See featured products below.

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is the male reproductive part of a flower that the worker bees collect to use as their protein food source.
Humans use pollen as a nutritional supplement – it is very high in protein and contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals. See our featured Bee Pollen products below.

Medicinal Honey Products

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