Premium Table Honey

Honey House Kuranda have been proud producers and suppliers of premium table honey since 1959. Our region in Kuranda, on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland, encompasses a diverse landscape which includes rich tropical rainforest, open eucalyptus forest and savannah grasslands. It’s home to the widest variety of flora in Australia – perfect for keeping our bees happy and your tastebuds tantalised with new varieties all year round!

Premium Table Honey Varieties

Our premium table honeys comes in a range of sizes and varieties which vary throughout the year, pending the season and supply.

  • The colour and flavour of our single origin and multi-floral honeys is directly related to the floral source that the bees were foraging on.
  • Darker honeys tend to a molasses flavour palate
  • Lighter honeys tend to a toffee sweetness
  • Single Origin honeys produce a distinctive single flavour
  • Multi floral honeys produce more complexity and levels of flavour

Premium Table Honey

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