The Best Small Harvest Raw Honey

100% Pure and Raw

  • No Heat used in the extraction or packing process (so activity of enzymes are retained)
  • No fine filtering (wax, propolis and pollen traces are retained)

Small Harvest

  • Unique batches from each apiary, seasonally managed

Ethically harvested:

  • Our beekeepers’ priority is the health of the bees
  • We consider a honey crop as a bonus gift from our beautiful colonies

Locally produced in North Queensland

  • 90% of our honey is from apiaries within 80 km radius
  • The remaining 10% is sourced from apiaries within 150 km range
  • We support local, independent, ethical beekeepers who manage our fragile bee population

Additive Free

  • There is absolutely NOTHING added to our small harvest honeys in the extraction or packing processes.

Hand bottled on site

  • We pack each and every jar by hand, ensuring ultimate quality control throughout the packing process

Sold with Traceable provenance

  • Every jar of honey or honeycomb comes with provenance including:
  • the floral source of nectar the bees were foraging from
  • the harvest date
  • the apiary site
  • the packing date


Varieties change seasonally – please see our online shop for current available selection.

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